State and Local Assessments

The Every Student Succeeds Act requires that states utilize assessments to establish student performance goals and hold schools accountable for student achievement. School districts are required to attain a minimum student participation rate of 95 percent in the statewide assessment program.

Standards adopted by the State of Rhode Island establish the basis for local curricula and instruction for all students and the statewide and local assessment systems. The Rhode Island General Assembly has determined that such state assessments be based upon the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and for Mathematics, the Next Generation Science Standards, and the WIDA Summative English Language Proficiency Standards.

The Smithfield School Committee hereby adopts the RI Comprehensive Assessment System (RICAS), the Next Generation Science Assessment (NGSA), Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) Alternate Assessment, and ACCESS for English Language Learners as components of the overall comprehensive assessment program in the Smithfield Public Schools. Students are required to participate in such assessments.

The Superintendent of Schools shall establish a districtwide protocol facilitating the terms of this policy. Consistent with applicable state law, rule, and with guidance from the Rhode Island Department of Education, the Superintendent shall provide for alignment of appropriate curricula to the state standards, and ensure that all students are assessed by the statewide assessment program.

LEGAL REFERENCES: R.I.G.L. 16-2-9 §§ (a) (2), (3) & (20), 16-2-11§§ (a) (1) & (4), 16-97-1.1, and 16-97-8

ADOPTED: October 15, 2018