The Smithfield School Committee believes that the governance of the Smithfield Public School School District is best supported by the full contribution of all School Committee members. The full contribution of each member of the Smithfield School Committee includes regular attendance at all scheduled meetings.

The Committee acknowledges that members may occasionally miss meetings due to circumstances beyond their control, such as job or family responsibilities or illness. In all cases, committee members are expected to notify the Superintendent or School Committee chairperson prior to any absences.

Attendance is considered problematic if there are more than three absences within a 12 month period, if there are 3 consecutive absences, or if the member repeatedly fails to notify the Superintendent or Chairperson prior to absence. Exceptions to this rule shall be made for extenuating circumstances, such as hospitalization, incapacitating illness, or death in the family. When such extenuating circumstances exist, the absence shall be recorded as an excused absence, however, this designation shall only be used sparingly. All School Committee meeting minutes shall include attendance noting excused/unexcused absences.

If a School Committee member’s attendance is problematic, the School Committee Chairperson will promptly contact the member to discuss the problem.

ADOPTED: April 5, 2021