Under the Advisory issued by the Rhode Island Department of Education on June 7, 2006, the Smithfield Public Schools may contract for a web service to support the curriculum that includes advertising on the websites provided that the web service meets the standards and criteria set forth in the Advisory and is implemented pursuant to a duly adopted Policy of the School Committee.  This policy sets forth the standards and criteria under which such a web service may be operated in the Smithfield Public Schools.


 The Smithfield Public Schools may contract for and implement a web service that includes advertising interspersed in the web pages provided that the following criteria and standards are satisfied:

5.  Listings of companies participating in a fundraising program may appear on the school websites without being blocked to students where the listings are limited to designated sections of the school websites that are clearly identified.

 6.  Parents and students must not be required to purchase any product, view advertising, or participate in any fundraising program or commercial activity as a condition to having access to any portion of the web service supporting the curriculum.


 The School Committee, at the time of approval of any contract for a web service including advertising, must issue specific findings in its vote that the web service complies with the criteria and standards of this policy and the Advisory.


The web service shall be the subject of a written agreement between Smithfield Public Schools and the web service vendor, whose written agreement must conform to this policy.

ADOPTED:  October 16, 2006