The Superintendent of Schools shall have the authority to accept gifts, including cash, for the school department in the name of the School Committee when such gifts are of educational value and worth less than $2,000. The School Committee must approve any gift, including cash, which is valued at $2,000 or more or when the acceptance of a gift requires the obligation of District funds or when gifts involve permanent changes in school buildings or sites. Gifts shall not be accepted if there is excessive cost of maintenance or installation.  Where installation is required, the gift shall be installed under the supervision of District personnel.  All monetary gifts shall be deposited into a District or school trust and agency account.

Gifts, bequests or donations made to the District may be accepted and used or expended in accordance with the conditions prescribed by the donor, however, no gift, bequest or donation shall be accepted by the Superintendent or the School Committee if it is subject to any condition contrary to law. Additionally, gifts given to the schools become the property of the District and shall be subject to the same controls and regulations that govern the use of other District-owned property.  The School District is under no obligation to replace the gift if it is destroyed or becomes worn out, and shall be allowed to dispose of gifts that are outdated. 

ADOPTED:  August 19, 2019

REVISED:  January 2, 2024