The Principal, in conjunction with the School Improvement Team, shall prepare a written school improvement plan annually. This plan shall be submitted for approval to the Superintendent no later than May 31 and review of the School Committee in June. The plan should have the following characteristics:

1. Data-Informed - The educational goals for the school shall be devised after a careful analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the school as determined by available data.

2. Aligned to District Strategic Plan - School goals shall be consistent with the goals and objectives of the district’s strategic plan.

3. Fiscally Responsible - The plan shall identify available resources necessary to accomplish goals and objectives.

4. Accountable - The plan shall identify the person(s) responsible for ensuring that the individual action step is completed and list specific evidence that can verify fulfillment.

5. Comprehensive - The plan shall focus on school needs, as appropriate for the individual school, including facility needs, instructional improvement, social-emotional learning, and parent and community engagement.

The School Improvement Team shall have no authority over matters that are subject to collective bargaining and may not expand the scope of its authority beyond that established by School Committee policy.

ADOPTED: October 1, 2018