In order that there be no conflict of interest in the supervision and evaluation of employees, at no time may any administrator be directly responsible for the appointment, supervision, job assignments, and/or evaluation of any employee directly related to him or her.

School Department administrators shall be excluded from all employment and assignment decisions regarding their family members. Employees shall not be assigned in any position under any supervision, no matter how remote, of a family member. Employees will not be placed in any other position where prejudicial treatment by a family member may be reasonably expected to occur.

Administrative Implementation Procedures:

  • The following definitions are to be used in interpreting this policy:

Family Member – Spouse, child, in-law of these, in -law, grandchild, parent, grandparent, sibling, niece, nephew, first cousin, and any person regularly living in the household.

Prejudicial Treatment – Any treatment (either positive or negative) beyond that which the supervisor would give any other employee in similar circumstances.

  • Family members in the same division will be placed in separate departments, separate work crews, and/or separate sites

  • In the event marriage or school district reorganization creates a situation which is in noncompliance with this policy, one employee will be transferred as soon as practicable to a vacancy for which he/she is qualified. Where such a transfer is not possible, the Superintendent shall recommend an alternative means of achieving compliance with this policy, which may include dismissal of one employee.

  • Any employee who believes a violation of this policy has occurred should immediately report his/her observation to the appropriate administrator who will, in turn, advise the Superintendent. The Superintendent will investigate the allegations and take appropriate action in accord with this policy.

ADOPTED: August 17, 1998