Regular Meetings

  • All regular meetings of the School Committee shall be held on the first and third Monday of each month. The School Committee may alter this schedule by majority vote to account for school vacation weeks and holidays
  • Meetings shall be held at 7:00 PM in the Media Center of the Smithfield High School unless otherwise directed by a majority vote of the Committee.

Special Meetings

  • Special meetings of the Committee may be called by the Chairperson at his/her option and he/she shall call a special meeting at the individual request of any two members of the Committee.
  • The notice of such meeting shall be made by the Superintendent at least forty eight hours in advance (except in cases of emergency) and he/she shall inform each member of the Committee of the special matter or matters to be considered, furnish the members with background and factual information whenever possible.


  • Open meetings law shall apply to all meetings of School Committee. As such, all meets shall be publicized. All meetings shall be open to the public except when allowed to be held in executive session pursuant to state law. All legal or official actions of the Committee must be concluded before the meeting is adjourned and in accordance with the Open Meetings Law.
  • Written notice of regular meetings at beginning of year will include dates, times, places of such meetings.
  • At least one regular meeting shall be held per month.
  • Schedule of regular meetings shall be published in newspaper.
  • Supplemental written notice published 48 hours prior, including date, time, place and agenda.
  • Special meetings written notice published 48 hours prior, including same as above.
  • Any three committee members can call special meetings.
  • Ad hoc committees, sub-committees, or advisory committees are not required to post.
  • Emergency meetings, as proposed.


  • As previously stated, the Chair shall set regular and special meeting agendas.
  • Also, any item requested by three committee members shall be added to agenda of next meeting.

Rules (See BEDD)

ADOPTED: December 18, 2000

REVISED: November 17, 2008, December 1, 2014