The Committee recognizes its statutory duty to monitor the school budget, project future needs, make appropriate changes to the school budget during the course of the school year and to approve expenditures consistent with state law and as applicable, the Smithfield Town Charter.

Additionally, the Committee recognizes legislated duties and responsibilities of the Superintendent of Schools to be directly responsible for the administration of the annual operating budget of Smithfield Public Schools and to provide appropriate financial information to the School Committee.

The Smithfield School Committee seeks to achieve the following goals and objectives with regard to budget implementation:

• The School Committee will receive monthly updates of district expenditures.

• All other school department personnel will be directly responsible to the Superintendent in all procedural matters related to finance.

• Throughout the school year, the School Department will monitor all line items within the budget and report to the School Committee monthly on the status of the budget and year-end projections.

• All budget actions by the Superintendent of Schools and the School Committee must

be consistent with Rhode Island General Law and all other policies of the School


• All expenditures of district funds must meet the legal requirements of the Rhode Island Department of Education and Rhode Island General Law.

ADOPTED: November 6, 2017