The following materials may be distributed to be carried home by students:

A. Official communications from the School Committee, Superintendent, and Administrators and school staff such as newsletters, letters to parents, meeting or event announcements, school forms, and classroom information;

B. Information and notices concerning school-sponsored activities and programs for students and/or parents;

C. Information and notices concerning activities and programs offered by groups affiliated with and recognized by the Smithfield School Department (such as parent-teacher groups, the Education Foundation, and booster clubs);

D. Information and notices from Smithfield Recreation, and city, state, and federal agencies regarding programs available for students; and

E. When approved at least one week in advance by the superintendent, notices from non-profit groups (such as Smithfield Youth Basketball Association, Smithfield Little League Inc., and Girl Scouts).

It is the responsibility of individual groups to photocopy flyers and notices for distribution. In an effort to reduce paper use, an electronic “backpack” may be utilized by schools in lieu of or in addition to flyer distribution. Also, each school may choose to distribute all flyers on one day of the week or ask that flyers be bundled. It is not the responsibility of the Smithfield School Department to make notices available to students when provided late.

ADOPTED: June 3, 2019