Credit Card Use Policy

The use of a credit card can be a cost effective method of obtaining supplies and services for the Smithfield School District. Some travel and training costs may also be handled best through the use of a credit card. The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and limitations for the use of District credit card accounts.


  1. Any credit card issued is to be used to conduct District business only. The use of a District credit card to acquire or purchase goods and services for other than District purposes is fraudulent use and will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal and/or criminal prosecution. Use of any District credit card is restricted to the purchase of goods or services that are budgeted and/or allowed in accordance with District policies.

  2. The following School District officials and employees are authorized to make purchases for the District using District issued credit cards, subject to restrictions provided herein:

    1. Superintendent

    2. Assistant Superintendent

    3. Director of Financial Operations

    4. Facilities Director and Maintenance Staff as Directed

    5. Technology Director

    6. Special Education Director

  3. The process to be employed to use a District credit card shall include:

    1. An approved purchase order must precede the use of the credit card.

    2. Credit cards shall be stored in the District safe and shall be signed out and in by the financial analyst (purchasing). The sign in log shall include the PO number, date, signature, and amount and shall be reconciled against the credit card statement each month. Receipts shall be submitted upon the return of the credit card.

    3. All purchases made with a District credit card shall be paid for within the grace period so that no interest charges or penalties accrue or are assessed. In the event penalties or interest should accrue, the accrual shall be reported by the Director of Financial Operations to the Superintendent in a timely manner.

  4. Restrictions

    1. Credit cards should not be used as a normal means of procurement.

    2. No cash advances are allowed using the credit card.

    3. The cost of unauthorized expenses resulting from lost or stolen credit cards may, at the discretion of the District, become the responsibility of the individual to whom the lost or stolen card was issued. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to immediately notify the Director of Financial Operations of any lost or stolen credit card.

    4. All benefits ensuing through the use of District credit cards will belong to the District.

ADOPTED: March 16, 2020