Work sessions are intended to be informal in nature. No motions can be made at work sessions. Accordingly, no formal rules will be in place. The presiding officer will use his/her judgement in keeping the work session orderly and meeting objectives of items #2, #3, and #4.

  1. School Committee work sessions are scheduled for the purpose of affording the Committee Members an opportunity to discuss with Administrators and/or special consultants, and amongst themselves, matters/issues which will ultimately require formal Committee action.

  2. The work session meeting style provides an opportunity to do so on an informal basis with the added benefit of freedom from time constraints and the assurance of a follow-up time and opportunity for constituent input before the taking of formal action at a subsequent meeting.

  3. Full work session discussion is intended to flush out all pertinent factors germane to the issue of discussion, as well as specific concerns of School Committee Members and at the same time, provide the public with full and general information.

ADOPTED: April 5, 1999