1. A request for homebound instruction shall be made to the Director of Special Education by the principal of the child’s school on forms provided by the Department.

2. The request shall include a letter from the student’s doctor including a statement of the diagnosis, a recommendation for home instruction, the anticipated duration, and a statement assuring that it is not infectious for a teacher to go into the home. (Department forms).

3. Home instruction of pupils unable to attend school because of physical disability shall begin as soon as possible after it has been established that the child’s absence will extend over a period of more than ten (10) consecutive school days. Such home instruction will cease upon the child’s return to school unless specified in an I.E.P.

4. The teacher assigned to the home will be paid at an hourly rate to be established by the School Committee.

5. A student will be allowed five (5) hours per week of teaching.

6. Subject teachers will be assigned to each home student at the secondary level covering the four major areas of instruction.

7. The principal or designee shall make the assignment for the teacher going to the home bound.

8. A parent or guardian of the student will be present at all times during the home teaching session.

9. The payroll request for home instruction shall be sent to the Superintendent of Schools on the Friday of each week on forms provided.

ADOPTED: February 22, 1999