The annual budget is the financial expression of the educational program of the school department and it mirrors the challenges and opportunities that face the school system at that point in time. The budget, therefore, is more than just a financial instrument and requires the Committee, the staff, and the community to collaborate to ensure sound fiscal practices for achieving the school system’s promise to the community.

Public school budgeting is regulated and controlled by state regulations, the town charter, and local School Committee requirements. The operating budget for the school system will be prepared and presented in line with said guidelines.

The School Committees has powers and duties, prescribed by Rhode Island General Laws and the Town Charter of the Town of Smithfield, associated with the preparation and administration of a school district budget. The Committee annually adopts a school budget to be considered by the Town Council and in the Town’s budget process in total only. During the course of the school year, the Committee may adopt any changes in the school budget necessitated by the needs of students and schools. It is the responsibility of the Committee to maintain a school budget that does not result in a debt.

The Superintendent will serve as budget officer but he/she may delegate portions of this responsibility to members of his/her staff, as he/she deems appropriate. The general areas of responsibility for the Superintendent as budget officer will be budget preparation and presentation for School Committee consideration, and budget administration.

LEGAL REFERENCE: § 16-2-9. Powers and Duties of School Committees

Town of Smithfield Town Charter


ADOPTED: November 19, 2018