Ideally, the instructional needs of students shall be met through the instructional program a the school. If a parent or guardian believes that private tutoring (private instruction or help to an individual or group for which the teacher receives remunera­tion other than through the School Committee) is warranted, the Principal may give the parent/guardians a list of persons who are willing to tu­tor. If the list includes district teachers, note that the student's teacher is prohibited from serving as a private tutor for the student. Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement of an individual nor does it imply that background checks of the individuals have been done. Parents should employ every effort to ensure that student safety is considered.

Tutoring for pay is not to be done in the school building. To ensure student safety, the parent is advised to arrange for tutoring in a supervised or public setting, such as a public library.

Monies received for private tutoring, while not paid through District funds, may be subject to FICA and income tax withholding and it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that these responsibilities are met.

ADOPTED: March 19, 2018