The Superintendent, conferring with the Chair of the School Committee, will arrange the order of items on meetings agendas so that the Committee can accomplish its business as expeditiously as possible. The particular order may vary from meeting to meeting in keeping with the business at hand, however, the customary order of business is as follows:

1. Meeting called to order

2. Salute to the Flag

3. Consent Agenda Items [including approval of minutes, approval of bills, approval of homeschooling, and other consent items]

4. High School Student Representatives’ Report

5. Showcase (Report)

6. First Readings of Policies

7. Second Reading and Approval of Policies

8. Other Business Items

9. Communications

10. Superintendent’s Report

11. Public Forum

12. Items to Add to Future Agendas

13. Consider and Vote on Motion (by roll call vote) to convene Executive Session [If necessary. Note: this may either be at the beginning or end of the meeting.]

14. Executive Session (Closed)

(Statement by Chair) Report out to the public on any votes taken in executive session.

15. Consider and Vote on Motion to Adjourn

The Committee will follow the order of business established by the agenda except as it votes to rearrange the order for the convenience of visitors, individuals appearing before the Committee, or to expedite Committee business.

Any School Committee member, staff member, or citizen may suggest items of business. The inclusion of such items, however, will be at the discretion of the Chair of the Committee. A staff member who wishes to have a topic scheduled on the agenda should submit the request through the Superintendent.

The agenda, together with supporting materials, will be distributed to School Committee members no less than three business days prior to the meeting to permit adequate time to prepare for the meeting.

CROSS REFS: BEDH, Public Comment at School Committee Meetings

ADOPTED: January 4, 2021