The Chair of the School Committee is compensated at $3,700 annually while the annual salary of all other members is $3000.

In accordance with the Smithfield Town Charter, the School Committee may determine the annual salary of the School Committee members, provided that any increase shall not become effective until after completion of the term of any member of the School Committee at the time the motion for said increase was approved. In no case shall the School Committee set the rate of annual compensation of its members at a level that will permit School Committee members to receive an annual compensation greater than that which is in effect during the same period for the members of the Town Council.

No member of the School Committee shall be eligible to the position of teacher or Superintendent of public schools therein. School Committee members shall hold no other paid public office or employment in the service of the Town, and no member of the School Committee shall be eligible to accept any other paid appointed School Department office until one (1) year after that member’s departure from the School Committee.

Upon submitting vouchers and supporting bills for expenses incurred in carrying out specific services previously authorized by the Committee, members may be reimbursed from school funds.

Reimbursable expenses may include the cost of attendance at conferences of School Committee associations and other professional meetings or visitations when such attendance and expense payment has had prior School Committee approval.

SOURCE: MASC, Smithfield Town Charter

CROSS REF.: BIBA, School Committee Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops

ADOPTED: April 26, 2021