The School Committee recognizes that acts of vandalism committed against public and private property are costly and require positive action through educational programs and other mitigating measures. Consequently, the Committee will support various programs aimed at reducing the amount of vandalism.

Citizens of Smithfield, staff members, and students are urged by the School Committee to cooperate in reporting any incidents of vandalism to property under the control of the school department, and the name(s) of the person or persons believed to be responsible. Each employee will report to the Principal of the school every incident of vandalism known to them and, if known, the names of those responsible.

The Superintendent is authorized to sign a criminal complaint and to press the charges against perpetrators of vandalism against school property and is further authorized to delegate, as they see fit, the authority to sign such complaints and to press charges.

Damages from vandalism will be repaired in a timely manner, as graffiti and other damages spur additional acts of vandalism. Reimbursement will be sought for all or part of any damages.


ADOPTED: February 22, 2021