The Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs offered in the Smithfield Public School District allow both resident and nonresident students expanded options to participate in courses that are related to career choices that they are interested in pursuing. Parents and students should visit the CTE website and attend an open house to learn more about our academic, career, and co-curricular activities. Additionally, students and parents should create a four-year academic plan with their school counselor to ensure pathway requirements can be met.

Guidelines for enrollment and participation in the district’s CTE programs are delineated in this policy. Enrollment criteria shall not unfairly target students on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws.

Smithfield residents will receive priority in the application process. Preference will be given to students in their first or second year of high school, followed by students in their third year of high school. Grade 11 students may be denied acceptance into a program if it is determined that they will be unable to complete the required three or four-course sequence in conjunction with additional graduation requirements.

Applications must be electronically submitted on or before March 1st to be considered for the following school year. After March 1st, the application process is “rolling,” meaning applications may be received at any time, reviewed, and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications received after September 15th will be considered for the following school year.

In the event that a program reaches maximum capacity, a waiting list will be developed. An admissions team comprised of the school principal, school counselors, and CTE program coordinator will review student documentation and inform applicants of their acceptance/denial through written notification and be informed of the appeal process. Smithfield High School reserves the right to interview students as part of the application process.

Application Process for CTE Programs - Smithfield Residents

  1. Ninth graders may apply at the end of freshmen year. SHS will notify students via Google Classroom and announcements when the application window is open.

  2. Students in grades 10 or 11 may apply at any time.

  3. Parents, in consultation with their child, should complete an application found online at cte.smithfield-ps.org.

  4. Students looking to transfer to a different pathway will be required to re-apply for the new pathway.

Admission and Participation in CTE Programs - Non-Smithfield Residents

Students entering grades nine, ten, or eleven are eligible for enrollment into Smithfield High School CTE programs. Any nonresident student meeting the established general admission criteria of a Rhode Island high school is eligible to apply to the SHS CTE programs. Admission of nonresident students to a SHS CTE program is dependent upon the available seats.

All nonresident students interested in participating in a CTE program who did not meet or exceed the standard on a recent Rhode Island State Assessment or comparable standardized diagnostic assessment, must be diagnostically assessed to determine their level of proficiency as it relates to established program criteria. Smithfield High School may select an alternative diagnostic assessment to determine students’ mathematics and reading grade-level ability. The sending district may provide documentation (i.e. transcripts, portfolio of work, alternate assessments) that demonstrates achievement at these levels of proficiency.

Students who are not within two (2) years of grade-level proficiency in reading comprehension and mathematics, may not be considered for admission to Smithfield High School CTE Programs. For students with disabilities, either qualifying under IDEA or Section 504, a portfolio of the student’s work in mathematics and/or language arts may be submitted. For students who do not meet the established criteria under the general admissions process, an additional review may be undertaken of his/her portfolio materials.

Attendance and behavior records will be reviewed. Excessive absences, tardiness, or serious and/or excessive discipline referrals may be cause for denial into a CTE program.

Application Process

  1. Parents, in consultation with their child, should complete an application found online at cte.smithfield-ps.org . In addition to the online application the following information is required:

    • Transcripts

    • Attendance and Behavior Records

    • Rhode Island State Assessment Scores, STAR Assessments, and other diagnostic assessments

    • Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement

    • Records Release Request Signed by Sending Superintendent

  2. Students/parents will be invited to SHS for a meeting with the principal/CTE coordinator and provided a tour.

  3. Students/parents should meet with the school counselor from his/her sending school to have student records sent to SHS.

  4. Students looking to transfer to a different pathway will be required to re-apply for the new pathway.

Students who are accepted into the CTE program, must register in Smithfield. Upon successful registration, the high school counseling office will begin the course selection process. Students are required to successfully complete at least one required pathway course each school year.

Removal from Programs

Students are responsible for meeting all individual pathway requirements, maintaining academic expectations, and following timelines. Smithfield High School reserves the right to reconsider or withdraw acceptance of any student that does not maintain eligibility/good standing status. Students may also be removed from CTE programs for the following:

  • Excessive absences, tardiness, or serious and/or excessive discipline referrals.

  • Failure to earn a passing grade in a required pathway course.

  • Failure to matriculate to the next grade.

  • Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct for Smithfield High School and policies of the Smithfield School District.

In programs that require safety standards (OSHA, etc.), students must consistently meet those expectations. In the event that a student fails to consistently meet safety standards, a retraining opportunity will be provided and documented. Subsequently, if a student continues to not meet safety standards, the Superintendent may remove the student from his/her CTE Program, with notification to the sending district, when appropriate.

The CTE Coordinator and school counselors will review student progress at the end of each semester. Students in danger of not fulfilling pathway requirements will be notified. The CTE coordinator, school counselor, and/or administrator will meet with the student and parents/ guardians to develop a support plan. Students failing to complete the support plan and pathway requirements will be removed from the pathway. Students, parents and the sending district, if applicable, will be notified in writing of such removal. Nonresident students removed from a CTE program will no longer be enrolled at Smithfield High School and must return to their sending school.

Appeal Process

Any student denied placement in or removed from a CTE Program at Smithfield High School shall have the right to appeal that decision.

Level 1

Students denied acceptance in a CTE Pathway may file a written appeal to the Principal.

School Counselors will conduct a second transcript analysis and share results with Appeals Board, consisting of:

a. School Principal or designee

b. Director of School Counseling

c. School Counselor

d. CTE Coordinator

The Appeals Board will make their final decision in writing.

Level 2

If the parent/student is not satisfied with the result of the Principal’s decision, the parent/student may submit a written appeal to the Superintendent.

Level 3

If the parent/student is not satisfied with the Superintendent’s decision, the parent/student may submit a written appeal to the Smithfield School Committee.

Level 4

Parents/Students have the right to further appeal to the Commissioner of Education.

Nothing in this provision shall be construed to deny students with disabilities or their parents from availing themselves of Due Process rights under state or federal special education laws or regulations.

Out-of-District Student Transportation

In accordance with Rhode Island General Law §16-21.1-2, transportation to the

Smithfield High School CTE Programs will be provided by the sending districts in the Region 3

Transportation Zone (Barrington, Bristol, Central Falls, Cranston, East Providence, Johnston, Lincoln, North Providence, Pawtucket, Providence, Smithfield, and Warren). Students residing in non-Region 3 communities must provide their own transportation to Smithfield High School.

ADOPTED: June 3, 2019