Homework is defined as written or non-written tasks that are assigned by teachers to be completed by students outside of the classroom. The purposes of homework are:

  • To practice newly taught skills.

  • To conduct research and/or complete various projects.

  • To prepare for upcoming discussions, lessons, and/or assessments.

  • To develop independent study habits.

Elementary School

Appropriate time allotments for the elementary grades, inclusive of independent reading, are:

  • In grade K, up to 15 minutes of homework 2-3 days per week.

  • In grades 1-2, up to 15 minutes of homework 2-3 days per week.

  • In grades 3-4, up to 30 minutes of homework 3-4 days per week.

  • In grade 5, up to 40 minutes of homework 4 days per week.

Middle School

The time allotment for the middle school grades, inclusive of reading assignments, is up to 60 minutes of homework 4-5 days per week. Based on course selection, seventh and eighth grade students may be assigned up to 80 minutes of homework 4-5 days per week.

High School

Homework assignments will vary dependent upon the level and type of course. The homework expectations for each course at the high school will be given to all students during the first week that each course begins. Expectations may be provided in the course syllabus.

Students’ Responsibilities

  • Know what the homework assignments are before leaving school.

  • Ask the teacher for clarification when unclear about homework.

  • Take home all necessary resources.

  • Spend the necessary time on homework.

  • Submit the completed homework to the teacher by the due date.

  • Be responsible for getting assignments when absent from school.

  • Seek help from parents only when needed.

  • Produce work that reflects academic integrity, best effort, and high quality.

Parents’/Guardians’ Responsibilities

  • Understand and reinforce expectations for the quality of student work.

  • Provide structure, a location, and tools needed to help the child organize and complete homework.

  • Communicate with the student and his or her teacher when there is a homework concern.

  • Support a reasonable schedule for time outside of school that supports both extracurricular activities and school work.

Teachers’ Responsibilities

  • Align homework in accordance with this policy

  • Communicate expectations to students.

  • Post all assignments before the end of the period and provide time for students to record them.

  • Ensure that resources and materials required for homework projects are easily obtained by students.

  • Ensure that the individual needs of students are considered when assigning homework.

  • Show value to the work done by students through opportunities for review or by providing timely feedback.

  • Communicate with parents regarding concerns with missing or inconsistent assignments.

Principals’ Responsibilities

  • Ensure that homework is consistent with the district’s educational goals.

  • Support the teachers in the implementation of homework guidelines.

  • Facilitate the communication process between the school and home as it relates to homework.

ADOPTED: April 5, 1999

REVISED: December 18, 2017