All staff members will be provided with suitable opportunities for the development of increased competencies beyond those they may attain through the performance of their assigned duties and assistance from supervisors.

Opportunities for professional growth may be provided through such means as the following:

1. Planned in-service programs and workshops offered within the school district; these may include facilitation by outside consultants.

2. Membership on curriculum development committees drawing personnel from within and without the school district.

3. Released time for visits to other classrooms and schools and for attendance at conferences, workshops, and other professional meetings.

4. Coaching focused on professional growth goals and/or curriculum implementation.

5. Additional activities that improve, enhance, or increase subject matter/content knowledge and skills; pedagogical knowledge or pedagogical content knowledge and skills; curriculum implementation, knowledge, and skills; and educator effectiveness

The Assistant Superintendent will have authority to approve or deny released time for conferences and visitations and reimbursements for expenses, provided such activities are within budget allocations for the purpose.

SOURCE: Adapted from MASC

ADOPTED: January 19, 2021