Threat Assessment Team

Threat Assessment Teams are established in each Smithfield school to comply with RI General Law 16-21-23.2 and to improve response to credible threats, thus improving school safety, culture and opportunities to learn. Nothing in this policy shall preclude school district personnel from acting immediately, without convening the Threat Assessment Team, to address an imminent threat.

Each school shall establish a Threat Assessment Team that shall minimally consist of the principal, a mental health provider, assistant principal (if applicable), and school resource officer or DARE officer. The principal shall lead the Team and shall develop and implement a meeting protocol, which shall include potential referrals for treatment. Credible threats shall be immediately reported to the Superintendent of Schools and Chief of Police, or respective designee(s) in their absence.

All matters related to the Threat Assessment Team are to remain confidential and shall be considered to be part of the student record. Following a Threat Assessment Team meeting, a written report shall be filed with the Superintendent’s Office and notification to the parent/guardian shall be made by the building administrator or designee if the person making the threat is a current student. The Threat Assessment team may also make referrals to community services or health care providers for evaluation or treatment, as needed. The standards for student behavior shall be implemented, as appropriate.

The Threat Assessment Team shall (1) provide guidance to students, faculty, and staff regarding recognition of threatening or aberrant behavior that may represent a threat to the community, school, or self; (2) make recommendations regarding members of the school community to whom threatening behavior should be reported; and (3) implement policies adopted by the local school board or committee.

The Superintendent shall direct the District Emergency Operations Team, whose membership shall include the Chief of Police or designee, Fire Chief or designee, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Director of Technology, Director of Facilities, and Director of Special Education; to oversee and assess the effectiveness of the school-based Threat Assessment Teams.

ADOPTED: October 21, 2019