The School Committee rules for the conduct of business at all meetings, except work sessions, shall be as follows:

  1. Quorum: Three (3) members shall constitute a quorum.
  2. Motion directing action may be made by any member, except presiding officer. A second is required by another member other than the presiding officer in order for discussion and/or a vote to take place on the motion. However, when there are only three members present the presiding officer may second a vote.
  3. Motion to Table must be moved and seconded the same as any motion. Tabling will result in matter being taken up at next regular meeting of committee.
  4. Motion to Take Under Advisement must be moved and seconded the same as any motion. Taking under advisement will result in matter being further researched by school department staff or School Committee and will appear on future agenda when research is complete and action is ready to be taken.
  5. Motion to reconsider must be made by a committee member on prevailing side of issue. Motion must be made at next regular meeting. Successful vote on reconsideration will result in issue being added to next regular meeting agenda for debate and vote.
  6. Motion to Adjourn, Continue or Recess must be made and seconded the same as any motion. No debate will be allowed, motion will be voted on immediately.
  7. Amendments to main motion seek to change a portion but not all of the main motion. Amendments require a mover and second, same as main motion. An amendment is voted on before the main motion. If multiple amendments are made and seconded, votes will proceed from the most recent to the oldest.
  8. No motions to “Call the Question” will be allowed. Length of debate is up to presiding officer.
  9. Any interpretation, not specifically addressed by above, may be ruled on by presiding officer with or without consultation of parliamentary official.
  10. Motions and amendments will be submitted in writing if requested by any committee member.
  11. By a vote of any three members, these rules may be altered, amended or temporarily suspended, insofar as allowed by state law and the town charter.
  12. Committee members are discouraged from receiving input from constituents by electronic means during a public session. Generally, constituents should be encouraged to appear at public meetings and present such views publicly. Also, Committee Members are discouraged from use of electronic devices during a public meeting in a manner which disrupts the meeting.

ADOPTED: December 18, 2000

REVISED: November 17, 2008, December 1, 2014