The Smithfield School Committee adopts the following policy pertaining to the use of school facilities outside of those uses directly related to the normal educational program.

The Smithfield School Committee provides for community use of school facilities when they are not in use for education or extra-curricular programs.  However, it will be necessary to maintain a balance between the receipts and expenditures for non-school use of our facilities.

The Smithfield School Committee recognizes the need to limit the administrative processing of school facility use applications so that school department personnel can focus on education.

The following types of activities will not be charged a fee, unless additional custodial coverage is required:

-School Sponsored Activities and Organizations

-Parent Teacher Meetings

-PTO, PTA, Parent Council Activities

-School Booster Groups

The following organizations will pay a filing fee at the time of their application but will not be required to pay a rental fee.  

-Town Youth Recreation Leagues

-Town Adult Recreation Leagues

 The following organizations will pay a filing fee at the time of their application but will not be required to pay a rental fee.  They will, however, be responsible for any additional custodial coverage that may be required:

-Boy Scouts

-Girl Scouts


-Smithfield Youth Development Council

-Town Church-Sponsored Youth Activities

-Town Civic Groups

All other groups that do not fall into the above categories will be charged a rental fee.  This will include youth groups that are comprised of youth from several communities and groups that do not fall under the Town of Smithfield Recreation Department.


A filing fee must be paid at the time of application.  The filing fee will be determined by the number of hours that a group will be using the facility.  This filing fee will be in effect for the period of one school year.  The following fee schedule will be in effect:

            1-150 hours                             $ 50.00 filing fee

            151-400 hours                         $100.00 filing fee

            401-800 hours                         $150.00 filing fee

            Over 800 hours                       $225.00 filing fee

 Checks should be made payable to the Smithfield School Department.  Cash will not be accepted.  Applications for use of facilities will not be accepted unless accompanied by a filing fee.

The filing fee will be waived for any group that provides equipment and/or an improvement for the betterment of the facility that they use.  This improvement must be approved by the Smithfield School Committee and must be over $700.00 in value.


1.               All applications must be received at the Office of the Superintendent at least 14 days prior to the date of use.

2.               Applications that require a filing fee, rental fee, or custodial fee must be paid for at the time of application.  Permits will not be issued unless all applicable fees have been paid.

3.               Dates will not be held if the proper fee does not accompany the application.

4.               The Office of the Superintendent will issue permits for all applications approved.

5.               After an application has been approved, the Office of the Superintendent will notify the Director of Buildings and Grounds, the school principal and the school custodian.


1.               Smithfield School Department’s No Smoking Policy must be enforced at all times. No smoking, which includes electronic cigarette vaporizers, is allowed in any building, playing field, locker room, gymnasium, parking lot, or other areas designated as school property.  This policy includes school and non-school events held on school property, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, by any person, student, employee, or guest.

2.               No school equipment may be used, such as microphones, projectors, etc., unless authorized and pre-approved.

3.               Food or drink is not allowed in the auditorium or any gymnasium.

4.               There shall be no alcoholic beverages on the premises.

5.               The Smithfield School Committee may require police protection at any function, and the police fees will be paid by the organization.

6.               Appropriate language and conduct must be used at all times.

7.               Use of facilities is suspended during school vacations and holidays when schools are not in session.

8.               School department athletic teams have priority.  If there is a conflict in times or dates, school activities have priority.

9.               Should a fire alarm go off while a group is using any part of a school building, it is mandatory that everyone evacuate immediately.

10.            Use of building permit granted to one group cannot be transferred to another group.

11.            Custodial fees shall be set at time and a half of the prevailing custodial rate, with a four (4) hour minimum.  Rates may be obtained at the school department’s administration office.

12.            All groups using the facilities will conduct activities that are not restrictive by reason of race, creed, sex, color, or handicap; and are in compliance with all federal and state laws, local ordinances, and rules of the police and fire department regarding public assemblies.

13.            Any group using school facilities will be financially liable for any damage, destruction, theft, or loss that may result from the use of said facilities whether such damage or theft is done by members of the group, spectators, or visitors.

14.            The use of kitchen facilities in the schools is not permitted unless an authorized school lunch program worker is hired at an additional hourly fee.

15.            An outside lighting fee will be charged for groups using the tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts and football field.

16.            The Smithfield School Committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel any application to use facilities upon an applicant’s violation or noncompliance of these regulations.

17.            An adult must be in attendance for activities sponsored by youth groups.  No one is to enter the building until an authorized adult arrives to take charge of the group.

18.            As a condition of use of school property, the user agrees to hold the Smithfield School Department free and without harm, from any loss or damage, liability, or expense that may arise during or be caused in any way by such use or occupancy.

19.            There shall be no advertising of any nature placed on school premises unless authorization has been received from the Smithfield School Committee.

20.            Liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 shall be required by all groups given permission to use school facilities, except where this coverage is already provided by the School Committee.  Users of the facilities shall obtain liability insurance protecting against personal injury and property damage, which insurance shall name the school department and town as additional insureds.

21.            The School Committee will cooperate with recognized agencies, such as the Red Cross and Civil Defense, and will make suitable facilities available without charge should an emergency situation arise.

22.            When school is cancelled, due to inclement weather, all use of facilities are cancelled for that day.

23.            The Superintendent reserves the right to cancel any event with notice.

24.            Temporary sanitation facilities are not allowed anywhere on school property except by School Committee approval.

25.            Any person, organization or group whose use of the facilities results in property damage to school owned or under control of the school department, shall in addition to being liable for such damage, shall also be liable for reasonable attorney’s fees and costs in the recovery of such damages.

26.            Notwithstanding the requirements for groups to provide insurance if the meeting is for the use of a classroom or a discussion group or to hear an oral presentation from a speaker or a series of speakers, the Superintendent, in her or his discretion may waive the requirement for insurance.

 By signing below I acknowledge that I have read and understand this policy and regulations:





Date Adopted: 11/6/95                                                     

Revisions: 11/20/95, 12/4/95, 1/16/96, 5/5/08, 9/7/10, 4/11/16